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Capilano Regional Park

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Part of a continuing commission to photograph all the regional parks in Metro Vancouver this is one of my favourite parks because of the dramatic canyon landscapes which you encounter as you exit the heavily wooded paths. Though abutting a populated area there is a sense of being in an isolated, wondrous region. As with all the Metro Vancouver parks there are areas that are off limits to protect habitat and wildlife, areas with easy access and areas that require some endurance and reward with solitude.

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Martin CD at Wallop Film

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Martin asked if I could do a few portraits of him so we met at a location I like a lot near my son Otto’s old daycare. I figured I would be able to get a lot of different moods just by turning in a different direction and that the light would be interesting as it would leak into spaces and be absent from others.
He’s a great fellow and an excellent film maker. We worked together on a Destination Canada project where they shot a series of short verite videos and I meandered and produced a portfolio of portraits and street scenes. Here are a few that I love with just a quick Johann Wall colour treatment and no retouching!

Lynn Headwaters Assignment

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Out working with the park patrol in Lynn Headwaters. We accessed the park by doing the Grouse Snowshoe Grind which I guess is what you do in the winter when the regular Grouse Grind is closed. This takes you to the peak of Grouse Mountain where you can look down towards Goat Mt, the Citadel, Kennedy Lake and beyond. We had a great day back there with clouds breaking then closing in again with a half hour snow storm whiting out everything. I don’t snow shoe a lot but I really appreciate the beauty of exertion in these surroundings. I don’t have a routine so much so I do a variety of things with an irregularity that makes each time almost feel like the first time again.
Without further ado, one of the shots from the assignment!

View looking towards Goat Mountain on assignment in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.

Recent Work coming out.

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It’s Vancouver and the marijuana industry is booming! I created a series of lifestyle images and product shots for this company to help them standout online with original art and a brand style.

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Wreck Beach with John Welsh

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Photo taken of the John Welsh Band at Wreck Beach.

Ravens! My favourite bird.

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If you’ve ever been in the rainforest up here on the west coast you have heard the low hum of a Raven gliding between the towering trees. Or taken a pause and heard the cawk that echoes in the silence. These are the birds of stories and legend. The trickster. In the city we have the crows and I love them as well. My son and I make sure to say hello to each of them as we pass by on the sidewalk. This evening a crow came to the fire escape and did not fly away when we all came to the open window.

Scout and the Gumboot Kids for CBC Kids!

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Work I did on set with the Gumboot Kids.

Leeroy Stagger signs to True North and we shoot a video for the first single!

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I’ve known Leeroy for many years now and we’ve shot some of my favourite music photos including 4 album covers.
He flew to Vancouver and stayed with us for a few days to mix the single with Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat and also so that we could shoot a video to be ready for the single release. It’s very DIY as we kind of just took the lyrics and put them into places. My friends at the local corner shop, our son Otto and his best friend Anita, Teddy a neighbour etc. You can have a look at the video here.

Still snowing out there!

This is actually an older shot of my brother but he’s in Australia so I can’t be on the mountain with him this winter. I think he has much fun carving effortlessly through trees as he does purposely wiping out for the kids around him.

St Francis and Otto

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This is straight out of the camera. All I did was adjust the colour balance.

Otto and St Francis

Otto and St Francis

Ossington, Toronto

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Was on assignment in toronto and as I was finishing up my 3rd day of walking around the city finding portraits I stopped in a hole-in-the-wall bar and heard this amazing blues duo. While I was listening to them I noticed a poster mentioning the Ossington neighbourhood alley party so I walked down that way on the way to pick up my luggage and found myself in the middle of a wonderful musical environment. When you walk you find.

Some landscape shots from a recent commission.

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A series of landscape images that were requested by a client and then given a treatment by the art director to blend with the style of design and typography in the final layouts.
Personally I love all the various photo treatments that are out there these days as I love to see what enhances an image or takes it somewhere else. I tend to keep my work to a similar tonal style so it flows as a volume but I am happy when some one takes an image to another place. I think it is also a good example of how a ‘look’ can be achieved from any image but the better the original the better the final. So if you are looking for an instagram style shot you can send me out there and give the vsco treatment to all the great shots I’ll bring in!



So many things going on.

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The Prettys on the rooftop.

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I did a few shots of the neighbours band. I like this one because the singer looks kind of awkward, there are a few smiles and a smoke. They are a fun band. You can have a listen here.
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Lots of talk about the Organ right now.

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And I loved this band! This is a shot we did for Butter way back when. organ2

Julian and Otto took each others portrait.

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These two guys are best friends. Julian lives in the flat next door to us. They are brothers.


Photography collection I did for Waste Control Services

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As Tracey, the designer that contracted me for this says, this is now the best looking waste control website out there!

Youths Kensington Market Toronto

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Kensington Market Toronto

On assignment for Destination Canada.

The Great Bear Rainforest

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Was a guest of the Wuikinukx Nation while on assignment in Rivers Inlet. This was the crew with our host Frank at the helm.

Wade and Danielle Pyrrha Designers.

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Danielle+WadeA new portrait of the Wade and Danielle. I first photographed them many years ago as part of a story for Vancouver Magazine and we’ve been friends ever since. I usually have a necklace of theirs on. This is at their home in Vancouver.

Otto Movie Number One

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I’m doing a series of short videos for Otto while he is out. He comes home and stares in amazement at what his toys have been doing while he has been away. I love it. This one he said exclaimed ‘ What the heck ?? ‘ and ran over to see if the dinosaurs were still beside the sofa.


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This is one of a few portraits I took of our friend Teddy today. Who wouldn’t want to photograph this guy. He’s a talented movie maker and bmx rider! One of Otto’s favourite neighbours.

Photographs of Eva’s first ceramic pieces from the studio in Vancouver.

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Some of the pieces Eva has started making. She did a lot of sculpture in the past but is now getting into ceramics. It runs in her family. Otto Lindig was her great grandfather.















A friend at Spring just sent this one from the archives.

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I’m not really known for shooting colourful studio shots but I have quite a few in the archives.

Boink09_Flyers 5x7_HR-1

Boink09_Flyers 5x7_HR-2

Boink09_Flyers 5x7_HR-4

Boink09_Flyers 5x7_HR-5

Boink09_Flyers 5x7_HR-3

The Mechanics

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Tribute to the bus drivers

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I ride my bike a lot so I don’t usually ride transit here in town but the times that I have I’ve been greeted by wonderful drivers who seem to assess everyone coming on and easily roll with each situation. They are very welcoming and each time I’ve noticed many people leaving pause on the way out and say ‘ Thanks for the ride!’
Maybe you don’t notice the people that are driving the city but you should. I photographed quite a few on a recent assignment and things were so fast I barely did myself. As fast as though I were a fare fumbling for change. Fortunately I was able to create a brief moment of ease and snap a frame.

100 Mile House

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We were shooting at a ranch last week. Perfect skiff of snow and diffused cold sunlight.

The Children.

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The children.

The children.

Inventory Stockroom



I loved the collection of notices on the back of the door here. Owen played soccer on the team that were our arch rivals. He’s a great fellow and has helped on many occasion to find people to be in photographs. We met because of an assignment I had to photograph their shop which was the first of many as it’s a popular spot in a popular neighbourhood.

Revolver Coffee shop Gastown, Vancouver.


I do a lot of series in towns where I ramble around with a list of places to photograph.